Y Jang Tuyen Singer Died At The Age Of 42 For Covid-19

The Ba Na ethnic singer was transferred to the Cho Ray Institute on September 6 and died on the morning of September 20 after 2 weeks of treatment 9: 00/2: 07 Southern region changed with VietNamNet, singer Ha Quy - you Y Jang Tuyn's body confirmed that male singers died at 8:17 'morning of September 20. He was tired by Ms. Ta Thi Hang. Currently, the family has contacted the service unit to complete the after-term procedures. Jang Tuyen was transferred to the Seminary Institute on September 6 in a very heavy condition and placed ECMO (artificial pulmonary machine)

. Male singers must breathe the maximum machine and have a coagulation disorder. The first time when he was ill, he was taken away at the elementary school near the house. In the first two weeks, male singer's health was stable, though it was difficult to breathe
Y Jang Tuyn can also text and chat with everyone. After that, Y Jang Tuyen was treated at the Paddown Hospital No. 13 and was placed by an ECMO doctor (artificial pulmonary machine) when the health changed badly. He has a high blood pressure disease. When you have a new disease, singer who has seen hospitalization is a "special work", reassuring his parents will soon return, and friends know him suffer from flask The thesis he will treat well and soon healthy again.Y Jang Tuyn is positive for Covid-19 in August. When singer singer is positive for NCOV, his wife and two children have similar results. The whole family is quarantined at a District 12 Primary School. After 2 weeks, Nam Singer's wife and two children go home after having negative test results. Before positive for Covid-19, male singer and Exciting birthdays through the Livestream form
Y Jang Tuyn sang everyone for 3 hours and encouraged everyone to be optimistic, loving each other, working together to overcome difficulties. Jang Tuyn was born in 1979. He won the achievements Includes: Three Sao Mai 2001, three-hour television singing in 2003. Currently, he is the music editor of the People's Voice of Ho Chi Minh City .Nam singer with a strong rope voice Replace music through many songs like high nostalgia (2013), us naval soldiers (including compositions of Quynh Hop musicians, 2013), spring celebration (2015) ... throughout 20 The year of singing. Lien Khong '' came to the plateau '' Due to Y Jang Tuyn Demonstration: D.n

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