Yellow Domestic And World Simultaneously Turned On

The gold market in the trading session on September 15 has simultaneously rebounded both in the country and the world. Illustration. Specifically, closing the trading session in the US, the world gold price immediately stood at 1,803 USD / Ounce, an increase of 13 USD / ounce compared to the same period in the same period. The world gold price increased strongly as soon as the market received a report on the US inflation situation in August lower than expected and leads to a US dollar sale . In the domestic market, opening on September 15, SJC gold price of Saigon Gemstone Gold Company listed at 56

.65 - 57.35 million dong / tael (buying - selling), Over up to VND 100,000 / tael compared to closing on September 14. The difference in buying and selling prices is VND 700,000 / tael
The Doji delegation listed gold price at 56.60 - 57.70 million dong / tael, keeping the buying price and sold compared to the September 14 session. The difference in buying and selling gold prices is 1.1 million dong / tael in Phu Quy, gold prices are at 56.65 - 57.65 million dong / tael, unchanged compared to the previous session.

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