Yonhap: Russia Withdraw Most Of The Embassy In Korea

A Korean official today says that Russia has withdrawn most of the Embassy in Korea because of the lack of the situation and close limited measures to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic, Yonhap reported. Measures to prevent Covid-19 tightly applied in Korea. (Photo: Yonhap) NK News, a Korean news page, said that dozens of employees of the Russian Embassy have left Pyongyang on a train on November 24, including Ambassador Alexander Matsegora. "Russia There are often very crowded workers in the embassy, with about 100 people, but the government understands that most of them have left, "Yonhap led the uniform official of Korea's uniform set to the press. The Russian Embassy and the Chinese Embassy are two of about 9 diplomatic missions still have few people in Korea, while all 8 United Nations agencies have no one stayed, the concern The function said

. Budience to control border control and strict restrictions from the beginning of last year to prevent the virus spread, causing many countries, including him and Germany, must withdraw all over the country. Binh GiangTheo Yonhap

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