Yoona (snsd) Always Eats Pho Every Time It Comes To The Airport

At Yuri's Winning Recipe, Yoona (SNSD) revealed Pho is her favorite dish. Female singer likes food with gentle flavor, not fatty taste. On September 12, when appearing on the Yuri's Winning Recipe program of Yurihantv, two SNSD Yuri and Yoona members share their favorite food Yoona and singer's diet. At the show, Yoona and Yuri cooked 2 chicken and salads. While enjoying meals, Yoona revealed she liked Pho

. Pho is always on the list of female singer's favorite dishes. "I like to eat it so if anyone asks 'what do you like?', I always mentioned Pho. I always Eat pho when I arrived at the airport "
Yoona is also the sense of cooking chicken breast and salad rolls at Yuri's Winning Recipe. Yuri said Yoona likes to noodle and chicken breast to the extent if the member of the group does not disclose she will appear at the program, based on the proposed sheet of chicken breast, Yuri can still guess the guest is Yoona.yuri and Yoona shared the picture of chicken breast pho and salad rolled by two singer cooking at Yuri's Winning Recipe. Photo: @ Yulyulk.yuri analyzes Yoona's dining preferences: "Now thinking again, Yoona likes non-fat foods like chicken breasts." Female singer agrees and adds: "Many people think that I like this kind of food because I'm dieting, but the fact that I like these dishes". In the video posted earlier on Yurihantv channel, Yoona said she liked the chicken breast when eating fried chicken. "I like the white meat, dry like chicken breasts at eating fried chicken. I will let others eat their thighs," Yoona turned on me. Many the audience guessed that Yoona liked Pho and salads were the two dishes with a taste Gentle, not much greasy, suitable for the taste of the female singer
In addition, there are opinions that the eating menu with nutritious, nutritious dishes is the secret to help Yoona maintain a healthy, slender shape.

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