Yoona (snsd) And Lee Jong Suk Plays A Spouse

The movie 'Big Mouse', 'Bad and Crazy', 'Shooting Star' ... is expected by the public thanks to the unique script and the exciting combination of cast .Big Mouse: Lee Jong Suk and Yoona (SNSD) plans to cooperate in Big Mouse

. Lee Jong Suk plays Park Chang Ho, a mid-range lawyer called "Big Mouth". One day, Chang Ho became a murder suspect when he was misleading into the notorious "Big Mouse". Yoona plays Go Mi Ho, Park Chang Ho's wife
The fact that Yoona and Lee Jong Suk played a couple in the film made many audiences look forward to Big Mouse.Bad and Crazy: Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Joon and Han Ji Eun appeared in the upcoming film of TVN, Bad and Crazy. Dong Wook plays soo Yeol - ambitious police officers, matter ham. He gradually changed when the named character K (Wi Ha Joon played) began to intervene in his life. Actress Han Ji Eun plays Hee Gyeom, Soo Yeol's former lover Family: Jung Woo, Park Hee Soon, Yoon Jin Seo and Park Ji Yeon are the outstanding names in the cast of Model Family. The film tells about normal man named Dong Ha (Jung Woo plays). While having financial difficulties, he happened to meet a cash truck. Park Hee Soon plays Gwang Cheol, the second leader of a banned smuggling line. Yoon Jin Seo plays Eun Joo, Dong Ha's wife, and Park Ji Yeon plays Joo Hyun, Detective in charge of dong ha and Gwang Cheol.out of the Blue: After a highly appreciated role in Sell the Haunted House, Jung Yong Hwa (CNBlue) is in the process of discussion to join the movie Out of the Blue
You will take the role of Un Tae Bong, the actor is dubbed the "person with all". However, his defects stand in front of the risk of exposing when he encountered a mysterious woman.Shooting Star: Actress Lee Sung Kyung plans to cooperate with actor Kim Young Dae in Shooting Star movie . Young Dae plays Gong Tae Sung, the first young star with a polite and elegant appearance but is essentially hot, ambitious person. Sung Kyung accepted Oh Han Byeol, Head of the PR team at Tae Sung.Connect Management Company: After the role of criticism appreciated in D.P, Jung Hae in was considering accepting the role in the Connect film. The main content of Connect tells the man suffering from organ harvesting. He gradually formed a relationship with his organs. This is the leading work in Korea of Japanese director Takashi Miike.

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