You Are Always Behind Waiting For Me

I witnessed a love that the boy loved the girl to crazy but was the active person to mention ... released for her.0: 00/1: 56 nestrials illustration of Thien and Ba's Ngoc is a close friend who since also bathed together

. They are so close, when married his wife agreed together, it will become a community if one party has a son, one party with a daughter. Children growing together and are also close to their parents. While celebrating Thien Nhu Ngoc Nhu, she seemed to be not memorable to him
Thien always appears in times of pearls with difficulty making her think he is like his brother. To knowing Ngoc "noticed" a classmate in the same class. Heaven is still willing to transport pearls to the meeting place, wait for a boy, talk for a while and then leave. Heavenly, want to know if it is trusted? Exposure for a while, though he knew that he only watched Ngoc was a friend, only Ngoc always spent all the feelings for him without being a reply or not to create a way to create Opportunity for two people. When Ngoc said, maybe because he knows our "engagement" with Thien, he is the active person saying, he will talk to adults so I don't need to worry. "Modern society, what to do Who agreed with the an arrangement marriage! "- Than naturally said, while jade eyes looked at him surprised, she thought it would never give up it so easily. She did not know, from her unilaterally loving her, celebrated with something not all sadness would appear on the face. The jewels made him feel pain but when he was with her, he would still smile, still silently protecting her in his own way. She didn't like her, I just considered her to be friends, who was still waiting for her before the gate, wiping her tears, gently hugging her in a mild stretching arm. Looks like when I'm swollen for crying because of crying, Ngoc heard Thien whispered: "I want you to be happy but if sad, I remember, I'm always behind waiting for me!"
.. That night, looks like the first time she I saw my heart hurt when I remembered my words ... Thuy Huong

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