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Bringing on me many injuries, the two legs are shrunk, turning to the back, hunching the back of the back, the arm has a lot of floating places, swelling makes every activity difficult ..., sometimes you find yourself desperate first life. But he awakened again, stood up to the next step, surpassing physical and mental pain to find happiness and confirmed the value of himself

. Many people call him with an intimate name 'pepper'. He is Duong Van Binh, the victim of Agent Orange (NNCĐDC) in the population of Khu Yen Street, Bach Quang Ward (Cong Cong City) .0: 00/5: 10 Southern Business Cars Business Blanket, Projection, Pillow, Repair of electrical appliances of Anh Duong Van Binh family are trusted by many visitors
In a small house located on the road on the center of Cong Thanh Cong, Anh Binh is dilembling electrical equipment, and his wife Look at the sofa cover. The children are taught to teach each other ... seeing visitors, he smiles brightly, slowly moving to the table to make water. With a healthy voice, he said: Returning from war against the US My father brings in orange poison. That poison, silently infiltrated the body of our 4 brothers, in which I was the most severely affected. My poetry grew up with a deformed body, the legs could not walk themselves, his hands worked hard. The difficulty is so but I'm always desirable to go to school, finding yourself a stable job to raise yourself and your family. That day, the path of finding his word must trade with blood and small batteries Cow's legs come to school, with tears by tiger tiger on body and poverty
But then with the constant efforts of ourselves and the help of family, friends, teachers, he gave up with us to study all level II, then level III. In 1996, after graduating from high school, he themed Into vocational colleges, then continue to study for more than a year in Hanoi University of Polytechnic University. It was in this place, luckily smiling at him. He was examined by Vietnamese German hospital doctors and defects. Since then his legs turned forward, can travel quite easily ordinary. After graduation after graduation, he went to work for stores to repair in Hanoi to make money Test. When it takes some capital, he returns to the countryside to buy land and build a civilian electrical repair store. Intellectual, gentle, or helping others plus a good and prestigious workmanship, so more and more customers come to his store. Have jobs, with income, but he still guess with the defects of My body, do not dare think about your own happiness. But there was a daughter, Ms. Ta Thi Thu Ha, Da Pho Yen, as a lucky worker nearby, has long admiring his energy. She wore missils, protesting from her family to build her own happiness. So far, the two of you have a family home with three healthy, obedient children. Having your own family, Mr. Binh got enthusiastically developed economic development to life more and more warm enough. He said: 4 years ago, my husband and wife opened the basis of garments machining school uniforms; Wholesale, retail blanket, gas, pillow, create jobs for 4 people, including 2 people with disabilities. But now influenced by epidemics, orders are less and difficult to collect debt so the sewing facilities suspend. In addition to business forms, since 2012, his husband and wife maintains livestock for dozens of pigs. In 2018, African pig relics occurred, as well as many people, his family was forced to destroy pigs. Not discouraged, he borrowed VND 150 million to renovate and invest pigs into a cow and buy 5 cows 3b on trial culture, so far there are 30 children; Transferring hill land, rice land is ineffective to planting elephant grass, planting tea ... You laugh, my life is simple, around walking, the land does not rest, people do not run out. Visit the barn. Late afternoon, hungry cows see the owner and roared. Just resisting the car, he rushed to sweep the aisle, the trough, mixed bran, beans and out to the garden to cut the grass. Looking for a small body, the back was high, the face tanned, hands Theating all this to that, I think success is not something far away, but simply concentrating high in your work, finding the job suitable for that ability is happiness. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Chien, Chairman of the Agent Orange Victim Association of Song Cong City also talks about its members with pride. Mr. Binh is a mirror of orange victims that have surpassed the fate, the typical individual of the city in every movement and operation. Recently, he is one of the two typical Agent Orange victims of the country to participate in the "Aspiration Journey" program organized by the Vietnam National Defense Channel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Agent Orange disaster. Only rising to escape poverty, enriching, Mr. Binh also actively participates in society of people of Khu Yen Street, Bach Quang Ward and is currently the Chairman of the City of Disabled People. With that role, he is always dedicated Helping people with disabilities

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