You – Italy, The Debt Match

Not full of resentment as the pair fighting against Germany or France, but in history, every time it clashed Italy is almost only to lose. The more important prize, the more they lose in pain. But in the opposite direction, Thang Anh, Italy is unlikely to be happy to celebrate.02 / 6: 01 Southern Degree and Difference with nearly two decades of the top ball, Giorgio Chiellini is a vitalism The conflicts between England and Italy. The battle was not always a lot of goals, but there were fierce redundancy and fiery disputes

. On the "gorilla" was a young player, he had the opportunity to experience this unique. In the ITALIA U21 lineup, the friendly match for the opening of Wembley with U21 in 2007, Chiellini kicked It is right from the beginning. He poured blood, literally
Looking at the young man Chiellini blood flowing wet shirt but still decided to stay again, refusing to leave the field (in a friendly match), we can understand the meaning of that fierce confrontation. Both the opponent encountered Chiellini that day no one also contributed in the national team. The retiredist, who went to the aggressive goods and gave the position in the national team to the junior. Only alone "gorilla" (nicknamed Morata for Chiellini) continues to fight against age, as to tell a story about the history of the Hero - Italia. Pirlo's Pirolo's Pirlo Hitting him in Euro 2012. Overall, England and Italy have 27 encounters. Thien Thanh Goat 11, Hoa 8 and only loses 8 times. That number seemed to be very balanced on the side of Azzurri if it was in the framework of Euro and the World Cup. Italy won four times to meet Tam Mu. An absolute number, with unexpected winning rates
The British can blame 2 failures in the Euro 1980 and the 1990 World Cup is because the player generation has not yet entered the ripens. Home yard when confronting an Italian is too strong. But no matter how explanation, Three Mekong could not justify the failure in Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup. They lost simply because Italy at a completely different level.Euro 2012, the quarterfinals. He, the most team of Table D, confronting Italy, second Table C. Three Mekong was a little better thanks to impressive performance in the group stage, but they were completely helpless when confronting Italy. Chiellini that day didn't play, but the Bonucci midfielder - Bonucci played too well. Above them, Pirlo, Marchisio, Montolivo and De Rossi formed the quartet of breaking all the lines on the shadow of England. Normlessly pierced Azzurri in 120 minutes, Three Master was forced to bring a match to a penalty kick. There are times for lucky gods to be tilted towards them. Rooney and Geriary successfully performed 2 shots of first shots, while Montolivo kicked the second turn. But just as Tia hopes to light up Le Loi, Pirlo extinguished it. Template as usual, Pirlo faces a Joe Hart full of confidence. Shoot left or right? Pirlo chose the option of no one who doubts: a Panenka and the goal. The team looked at that shot as a loss of his soul. Why is the middle of the pressure tons, Pirlo can casually shot like that? From to take the initiative in the penalty kick, Mr. Hoang brought and collapse from Pirlo's shot. Then who then kicked Azzurri succeeded, while Ashley Young and Ashley Cole constantly kicked. Everything recurred when the two teams met in the 2014 World Cup group. This time it was Balotelli and Marchisio's turn to submerge him. He was unfortunate-unfortunate that could be proud of winning all 4 matches against him in the rings What are the World Cup and Euro finals, but what do they achieve after those 4 victories? Nothing. In the past matches, Three Mekong wins are only unfortunately signaling for the unfinished ways of Azzurri, with wars that someone who remembers 1-0 in front of him in the Euro 1980 group brought Italy entered the three match match. They won and received the 3rd position. The achievement was re-established when Azzurri confronted him in Italy 90, in a match that won 2-1 to win the third place no different from 90 minutes of stone procedures. By Euro 2012, Italy then reached the final but lost to salt 0-4 in front of Spain. Who wanted to play a fire to the last match to lose so deeply. Italy could defeat Germany, he was in the tournament that year, but they completely legged when he had to confront the world championship. The "Thang Anh was failed" was later evident in the 2014 World Cup, where both teams handed over the water after the group. After winning him, Italy suddenly lost to Costa Rica in the match next. That day Super Balotelli was ranked the highest stone on public goods but didn't leave any impression but a yellow card. The match against Uruguay closed with a failure, with memorable bite Luis Suarez leaving Chiellini. Unknown Suarez's tooth marks

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