You Know Yet: Hairy In Women Can Due To Abuse Of Hormones

Hairy feathers in women make women confidently confident in life, more importantly, it also affects health if you abuse hormone.0: 00/3: 10 namthuns, causing a dense situation in women Beautiful women always require quite high on their appearance to be more confident in life. Even so, many women have to suffer because of their dense body. Do you know what the cause can cause this phenomenon? Do genetically in hair in women first may be due to genetic factors. Typically, if your father or mother belongs to a natural body in a natural body, this feature can be genetic to children

. Infie in women due to the ovarian multicolorial syndrome, the ovaries are one of the diseases Common in women, related to endocrine problems. The specific reason is that the metabolic function in the body occurs abnormally, especially insulin or estrogen resistance is too excessive. In that, the body hair appears more than a symptom at the early stages of the association Dischiefs, especially in the arms, calves and abdomen
At the same time, the patient also attached to the pimples on the face, uneven menstruation, even infertility hormonal disorders with a numerical numerical feathered positions on the body like around the mouth, both sides thighs , under the chin, around the emulsion, chest, etc., rough and dark black hairs are most likely that you are having endocrine problems. Soon to the hospital Check for effective treatment.Do taking the medicine leads to fur tanks in women with a variety of peacocks or creams treat skin problems that contain hormone components. Although it is very good but if used for a long time will cause small blood vessels to expand, pig pigments fall down and the body grows more hairs. You should take the medicine according to your doctor to limit this side effect.Do Hormone abuse No few children have the habit of self-supplementing estrogen from various sources, including oral drugs, typically is a functional food. Health professionals Warning: Abuse of products containing hormones for too long will cause endocrine disorders, which is also the cause of feathers in women
How does hairy feathers handle? Use This razor is a way to treat fur grows much on the body in a simple and cheap way and almost everyone can manipulate themselves. However, the disadvantages of this method are can cause skin damage, hair follicles, hairy time regrowth fast, even make big pores, furper and susceptible infections. Hair removal on the market has many ice cream products or hair removal stickers, only a few minutes of waiting for absorbent cream and gently rinse, you can remove hair on your body without pain. But this measure also does not maintain smooth skin for a long time, there is also a risk of allergy causing red swelling skin or pimples. Laser beam hair is quite safe and effective long-term hair removal method. However, compared to the above ways, the cost will be higher, sometimes having to last 2 - 3 new processes completely removed permanent hair. After a laser hair removal for about a week, you should avoid eating real Items are strongly stimulated or esoplated, absolutely not drinking alcohol and smoking. In addition, sisters also need to operate softer, warm bath and ensure body hygiene to avoid local infections. Infigity in women due to many causes but can completely prevent and improve the effect fruit. Hope this article will provide additional knowledge so that you are always healthy, confident in life. Zealand (According to FamilyDoctor)

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