Young Death Of Cottage Models And Aesthetic Tragedy In Showbiz

Chinese language artists find aesthetic method to improve beauty. However, their wishes cannot be performed when complications, even bulking networks.0: 00/8: 32 Southern men's cosmetic surgery to obtain a wide range of standards are the essentials of Artists in Chinese language showbiz. According to the high actress, the cutlery touch, "cutting the other, the other place" in the entertainment world is normal, like covering a beauty mask.Theo Sina, today, not only young people China runs the perfect beauty of fever but also affects stars

. Fightful comments on appearance reflect the strict beauty standards of Chinese society, making many celebrities have more beauty than people who still want to edit more. Death of suburban models after CA Liposuction and breast augmentation causing charming public opinion. Photo: Weibo
However, the left side of aesthetic problem has many things worth mentioning. Many artists are victims of failed cutlery cases, money loss of carrying, even missing networks. Idlefulness and death when the young age of some unhappy stars caused the obsession, the mercenary of the relatively for relatives. The female model of sub-models died after fatty surgery and lifting The chest shows unpredictable risks in the process of changing appearance. From the body deformation to loss of the network in February, the high actress saved in public opinion when publicizing the aesthetic failed with the peak nasal The black nose for necrosis. Sharing a friend to comment on her nose defects. Because of itself, the female star decided to edit to be more beautiful. However, the expectation of getting the perfect beauty of Cao Luu was extinguished after the identical coincidence. The high-rise of necrosis was necrosis after the surgery. Photo: Sina
Do thought this was just a small surgery, highly stored in the doctor's commitment to a hospital in Guangzhou. She conducted surgery in October 2020. Health workers also pledged that she would recover before December 2020 to join the Film Group. However, the beauty tomorrow is far from being reacted to the drug and the risk of surgery causes the nose The female singer was badly damaged. "During surgery, my nose appeared blood capacitance, but the doctors did not stop damage to that it was just a temporary situation. After that, my nose was necrosis. Wounds move to black, greatly affecting the appearance, "she wrote. Not lucky to keep your life like high save, female model - cottage singer died after 2 months of syndrome therapy America After fatty surgery and breast augmentation. She left when he was 33 years old. On Sohu, the family of artists said the cause of the death of the infection was a whole body infection, heavy organs. In the first time, the first time, sub-infected alone to Health Hospital Hospital Hoa Nam to conduct jury America after many medical examinations. Here, female artists perform liposuction surgery, abdomen, biceps and breast lift with self-grease. Day after surgery, cottage appears unusual symptoms, but only the doctor The aesthetic center for analgesic drugs. Infection died of a plastic surgery complication. Photo: Weibo. Then, sub-infections are 2 times transferred to treatment in the head hospital in critical condition. The doctors here concluded that the artist was taken to the hospital too late, missed the time of gold treatment. "Shock of infections, sepsis, acute respiratory failure, acute liver failure, qualifications, Level coagulation, pulmonary infection, pleural effusion ... The skin in the chest and abdomen of the swollen cottage and severe ulcers ", close friends telling the serious condition of sub-infection. After a positive treatment month In ICU, undergoing two surgical surgery removal of necrotic areas, sub-infections do not pass through the critical attack. The police investigation results of the police and the Hangzhou Health Commission shows that the right beauty facility is not specialized to conducting cosmetic surgery. The death of the infection is a serious medical accident. Hoa Nam Medical Aesthage Hospital is suspended indefinitely, relevant medical team waiting for criminal processing. Previously infected, 11 years ago, Chinese Language showbiz witnessed aesthetic tragedy of Female artist Victorian. She died at the age of 24 right on the operating table. According to China Daily, the cause of death was concluded that the airway switches, too much blood loss during the surgery. The bodies of the Variant are secretly cremated. Family trying to agree to receive compensation from the Wuhan hospital so that the incident doesn't go further. "I want to commit suicide when looking at the mirror" Interview with China Daily in May, Cao Luu said it went Visitors in many leading hospitals nationwide, doctors all have the same conclusion of her nose that is difficult to return as before, even if it is likely to be deformed. Some doctors also recommend a part of the skin tissue from the transplanted forehead and apply to the nose, but the success is not high. "I think 4 hours of surgery will help me more beautiful, but I don't realize that It was the beginning of a nightmare ", Cao Luu sam.nhan.Nhang before the aesthetic surgery of Cao Luu.

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