Young Engineers Find Happiness At Work

I met Nguyen Van Tu in July to 2020, when he led the good workers of Ca Mau Petroleum Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC) to receive the award of 'well-known young workers'. My first impression with Tu is an active, enthusiastic and close youth. He is the leader at the Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant Control Workshop. Nguyen Van Tuama 2011, after graduating from Vung Tau University, specialized in electricity - electronics, Nguyen Van Tu cultivated the knowledge of automation Then at the beginning of the army for Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant from 2012 to now. Near 9 years of attachment to the factory, experiencing many different jobs, where the young engineer also works with both the heart, complete Thanh good tasks assigned

. From an internship engineer, with tireless heads, Now Nguyen Van Tu took over the role of the leader at the control workshop, in charge of repairing maintenance of automatic fire alarm systems of the factory and maintenance Control system (PLC) Packed area, Robot, Shiploader, Scales Jumbo ..
Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant is rated with the most advanced machinery system, production lines are operated by engineers There are high expertise, skilled workers, more importantly, the factory is managed by "Tam" and "Games" leaders. Working in such an environment, and the opportunity for young engineers to be dragged, improving practical knowledge, and challenges forcing him to always be in such a rise. One of many emulation movements took place in Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant. When workers have ideas and leaders of the factory will review and evaluate the feasibility to apply to practice. Therefore, the team of workers of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant is very "good", constantly creative, helping the plant to reduce costs, increase production efficiency. The initiative launched by the factory, the problems of malfunctioning problems, arising in daily work has motivated Tu Tu's engineers to foster professionalism, self-improvement to overcome. The company's sports dynamics in many initiatives that Nguyen Van Tu can participate in the initiative to "design the operation and control interface of the milling system M07601A / B". This is a system because foreign vendors installed the package so the contractor does not hand over control programs, causing difficulties for operation, troubleshooting, as well as when replacing control devices. Tu with colleagues actively find documents related to this system for reference and self-redesign the operating interface for more friendly, easier to use. New design has mastered the system As well as actively replacing devices at risk of causing incidents, preventing unintended incidents to occur
Therefore, the urea particle system is not reduced, the factory does not reduce production output. This initiative was applied from 2019 to now and is assessed to bring a value of 2.13 billion dong / year. Nguyen Van Tu remembers a celebration with Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant. In mid-July 2015, about midnight, the factory was unexpectedly stopped. The consciousness said it was a particularly serious incident, a team of engineers assigned tasks, divided into specific groups to find the cause, excluding situations. The factory also takes into account the plan for support from external units to troubleshooting. With the determination of not surrender to the challenge, although people are very tired of undergoing a night of white, doing At high intensity, but with sharp thinking, Tu and colleagues found the root cause of the error of controlling system devices. Share: "The incident is fixed Full at 15 hours the next day, after nearly 17 hours. Handling the problem, I and all you sleep right on the floor of the central control room ". Nguyen Van Tu with colleagues implemented BDSC control system at Ca Mao Nguyen Van Tu Fertilizer factory said, Anh Lac More and perfecting themselves when doing union work. Thanks to union activities, he has new friends, seeing life around him with more true feelings. In order to complete the mission of both roles, heads and union officials, he determined that, first seriously to themselves, set a specific goal, commitment to himself and actively implementing public Jobs, do not put their own pressure, create good habits, use the mirror action for union members, fulfill their role. Tykeepers share: Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant has a lot of typical mirrors. He was just an engineer found joy and happiness in work, not an excellent engineer. Everyone in the factory always has a positive attitude in life, taking effectiveness in the measuring work, watching the factory is home, considering colleagues is a relative. It has become PVCFC culture. Although each person works in each different department, those people share a boat, commonly passionate, love with the factory and always work with the motto: fairy p

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