Young Mangoes Claim To Buy Expensive Watches, Seesis Show Attention

Recently, the hot clip of the young mango girl demanded to buy expensive watches, 'husband giants' cum streamer is famous for being a strange attitude viewed by Netizen. Netizen When she shows off the hundred million clock a hundred-hearted clock. HERE, the hot moment of the young mango girl is "Mr. Dai Hoang Streamer" is a viewer to the place of gifts for a lot of attention to netizens Talking races in the latest Vlog, seeSis recorded a trip to the 19-year-old birthday of young mango. Notably among them was the famous streamer scene "outside handsome inside a lot of money" took his wife to choose a birthday gift

. In the time when the young mango sitting in the clock selection and was quite wondering. The richest streamer in Vietnam responded with the hesitation of the commune: "That's up to me, but what do you like. I see my hand beautiful
Like what kind of do you do. "After that, seeSis added:" Unceptions? And go to work. " After a choice, young mangoes appeared very excitedly when wearing a watch of 800 million VND but eventually choosing a price of VND 150 million. When the young mango suggested the birthday gift next year would be 800 million VND , SeeSis replied, "No, there is no one else ... sadly, the year after the vacation." After buying a gift of 150 million dong, while the mango was haughty and seemed to seem quite crushed. The richest male streamer in Vietnam responds: "There is no money" when you are went to eat and eat and stop, seeesis continues to lament "painful pain" through every wife's birthday, especially during this time A few months he paused the job due to the disease. "Five birthdays are also painful
The previous year left the left kidneys, this year loses the right kidneys. But only, accepted you, wedding, so that's it. You said again, I bought or pressed my wife? "The clip watchesis to buy a watch for young mangoes unexpectedly the people commented by the people to comment when" dig "back. However, besides the admiration for the life of a young wife, there are many people who express their opinions about the attitude of watchesis when buying gifts for his wife. Somewhat uncomfortable, rough when bringing a wife to buy gifts. However, there are also a lot of "bowel sponsors" advocate, assuming that this is the daily talk of Streamer's day. Video viewing readers: Nono mango intends to transplant eggs if not naturally in the year - Source: Yan Newst

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