Young Painter Dreams Of ‘cao Cao Huong’ With Painting

As a rare student of ethnic minorities of Vietnam University of Fine Arts, then Yellow Hai Hung (born in 1995, the Quy ethnicity) has tried to efforts, striving all with 'terrible' academic achievement and good University university with plate by type 2020. In Hung's painting, viewers easily see pictures of ethnic minorities and mountain border areas shown up vivid, attractive and attractive. Hai Hung Gold (3rd from left) participated in a promoted painting by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Vietnam and the Institute of Nutrition Nutrition. Photo: Character providing Hai Hung Young Young Solder once impressed me when sharing: "Youth will not be able to avoid pouring, rehabilitation, but is pursuing passion for creative work is faithful Great happiness. Although the road ahead has many bumps, it will certainly be more and more mature for me

. It was when Hung talked about himself to study until the 2nd year of forestry university and removed in the middle of the call of the heart to take the exam to Vietnam University of Fine Arts, he said, I was born in Quang Kim commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province and soon have love with painting. From the baby, watching on television or watching books, storybooks, Hung kept fascinating according to the paintings and their hands felt like they wanted to render them. Although he was taken, crossed, but he finally managed to follow his passionate path, wearing family prevention
Hung's parents think that the police, the Ministry, Architects, Architects, Engineers ... are the work to be socially responsible, has a stable income, and according to the painting after graduating from the future Not knowing? Moreover, with ethnic minorities like Hung Hung, the painting is also a strange thing, not close to reality, even very vulnerable. So, when Hung Transfer, Hung's parents have Cut "aid" monthly. Hung on the right must go to work more to live, on the right to demonstrate his true capacity so that their parents see painting without indispensing, painting is a profession that can make a living. And the "knot" was opened in the second year of university, when golden Hai Hung received a certificate of merit from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism because "had good performance in learning and training in 2015 and 2016 "At the same time, it was honored to be one of 10 excellent ethnic minority students to meet Vice President at the coating on the same day (October 27, 2016). Has nearly 5 years Through but in his mind, Hai Hung gold remembers the original words of Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh told: "In the state apparatus, ethnic minority people take the number of lots, the number Please try to follow that echo. " That is the motivation to urge her further efforts to the rates, with Lao Cai's hometown of loving his loving and loving for Hai Hung to choose to give me a style of drawing ideas, meaning the metaphor in the picture Maybe viewers only look through, they cannot understand the content. As the picture "Chi Chi" won the first prize in the contest - the student art exhibition in 2020, if he looked over, only 4 students wearing uniforms, the backs are standing in front of the high stone wall
The profound thing that painters want to transmit messages are highland children with complete differences with children in the city, everything from family, economics and understanding is limited. They face those things every day, gradually forming their own stone walls that accidentally interfere with many ways to their children. And in this situation, they must die themselves with thems themselves and overcome themselves to escape that circle. Simple in the painting of the plate and the knife on a plate, Hung transmitted the message It was just a meal to leave a feeling of looking at the disc and it had suggestions about remaining things. This drawing is the product of Hung to participate in a promising painting on healthy eating due to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Vietnam and the organizational and paintings nutrition in the pillar The United Nations in Hanoi.Hay in these days, when the whole country is "stretching" against the epidemic, Hung has drawn "light never turns off" records the scene of working in the dark night of 2 doctors, Outside there is an ambulance and police take careful with the energy and working light of the doctor and also open the hope of the day of the victory of a pandemic. Hang Hai Hung came: "My works Built by creating images that ask questions in a straight and innocent way of a child, the image is metaphor but not always specific to a message. Thereby, I want to encourage imagination, allowing viewers to create their own stories. "Painter Dao Quoc Huy - Teacher to guide graduated from University for Hai Hung Gold, said:" Hu

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