Young People Do Not Ask For A Job, Open Their Own Company

Want to have the right to self-determination and master, many young people stand out to do separately at the early stage. They encountered many difficulties but insisted all trade were worthy of 9th amnes. At that time, I was identified as going to work outside, "said Nguyen Van Anh (27 years old) told Zing.Free to trading items about gemstones, small, Van Anh fifthly parent sales . The first year of college, she practiced online business, then sold a feng shui bracelet with a capital of VND 2 million

. From accustomed guests, she was referred to more people. After 2 years of Cost, Van Anh hired the first shop in Hanoi. At that time, the rent of VND 10 million makes her hesitate and decided to hide
Van Anh also has the companion of his brother from the first days. Tu Van Anh, many young people who graduated from domestic and foreign universities do not want to apply for a job after graduation or determine only hire a few years . They have more options like doing freedom, opening their own company, studying investment ... coming from the desire to master their work. "When opening a shop, I only have 2 extra people. Every morning from 7h, I also rewind guests, take photos, post, pack ..
to darken to rest. Many times, I followed a stone minister to go to the mountain, hard and dangerous due to the dangerous terrain, "Van Anh recalled. Van Anh said the business was only instinctive because of lack of knowledge, experience. The difficulty is the issue of personnel when she doesn't know how to manage, recruit, guides the staff. I don't regret yourself about your own business decision. "Many times difficult, I bite my teeth And too. But anyway, I always believe in choosing to do my own business because it can help more people from customers to personnel. I never wondered because of that decision, "she said. He said she was fortunate to be trusted by customers, long-term support to maintain the store and developed in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai. Before Covid-19, her shop has 60 employees, cutting hours, about 20 people. After graduating from the finance industry at Deakin University, Australia, Ngo Vo Minh Tu (21 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) returned to Vietnam Male, doing at a company specializing in producing music and TVC, at the same time as a free music producer because of passionate capital from level 3.A time later, Tu hits work to open private studios and do more Some businesses, other investments. "The previous working time gave me many ideas and orientations, helping to understand yourself more," he told Zing.Noai Tien Savings, Tu borrowed friends A little capital for capital. Stockbar in the youth, Tu said the first challenge was herself. He had to overcome laziness and forging discipline, habit of working. "At the beginning, there were days Let yourself take a break because 'see unwell'. But gradually, I improve and build a more optimal schedule. On the other hand, sometimes, I or face loneliness, hard to share with anyone. When out some difficult, related decisions Go to operating costs, for example, it is easy to see deadlock and stress. My mind fluctuates much ", Tu Tinh. Turtle, Tu continuously encountered the challenge of knowledge and skills, such as customers who require much and harder, or delay deadline due to real-time management Currently the project is not good. I use the savings money and borrow more friends to open your own studio. Facing with many challenges at the same time, Tu tells a period of about 2 months he feels exhausted. At the above time, there was a bit skeptic that "Why don't you develop a career in a traditional way?" Partly because of thinking about the family and copper pressure. Then, the boy gradually passed Thanks forging patience and calmness. "In the past half years, everything gradually stabilizes and she has a little surplus. If you give up, I can't go here. Currently, I and you have 4 studio studio, production, music mixing and client groups have expanded. At first there were only 2 people in the studio but now their team increases to meet the demand ", shares. Get risky, low wages desire to start a business since age, Nguyen Duc Hieu (24 years old, former du Finland Students International Business Industry) Conducting its communications company in 2019 with a capital of 50 million VND savings money. Hieu calls 2 years to work directly for CEOs / Founders in businesses Small career after returning to the country is the stepping step for the plan later. "Although the job is good and the roadmap for rapid advancement, the time regulations in the workplace are not suitable for their freedom personality and The fact that there is no self-determination nor what you want, "Hieu said. No experience. New "Wet legs", Hieu must go to social networks specializing in the business community to contact, go to the event and greet, connect with each one. After about 1 month, the team has

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