Young People Exercise Fitness, Live Actively Stretching Ways

Not only self-awareness of health care, which 'combo' is now healthy by many people also have optimism, positive living in the area: 00/2: 53 Nasty in the present time if choosing a way Healthy living, spreading positive, optimistic attitude after the days of distance, we will return to normal life with a healthier, happier. Not only that, each person's actions will add Enjoying and creating positive energy sources, helping the community healthy to overcome this difficult phase. When many provinces and cities across the country have to apply measures to relax ways, limit the road ..

. This makes Many people have a habit of daily fitness to feel "jealous" because they cannot go to the road to exercise. However, aware of health care, many people have created ways to mobilize them at home. Yoga exercises are practiced by many people (Photo: Nguyen Quyen) "with room only 10 m2, I still Complete the target of 60 minutes yoga and at least 3,000 walks every day
This practice has both good health that can improve shape. People can also refer to indoor fitness guidelines for each aged, both true and effective technique to ensure health safety this season, "Nguyen Quyen said. This weather is still still As a pure, though opening all windows, because I mobilized so much, sweat also got more. Therefore, I always pay attention to the need with water for the body. It stays home, but every day still inhalers 150 pieces with Squat (foot) 150 times and bends 150 times. Sports workout will now bring you a lot of good, the first is to release the energy for the body, the second will bring yourself a positive state. Now it needs to be durable to overcome all difficulties, Tran Nam shared. Wuhanh is sweaty with PLANK exercises (Photo: Thanh Vu) "The desert girl" Thanh Vu said it for several months Only around the house. So the one day of the bar is also quite "busy" which is just dealing with online jobs, preparing adequate nutrients and sports practices to keep the body durability. At times like this we are more rigorous with themselves, Thanh Vu said
In the present time, besides the evening of the weather, the training also causes the body to pour a lot of sweating, leading to The dehydration and essential minerals make the body to mobilize less durable. One of the daily menu of Thanh Vu (Photo: Thanh Vu) Therefore, when practicing, it is important to eat, drink enough quality Best. In addition, water supplementation is very important and be divided first, during and after the training session. And the electrolyte is also necessary, as these are critical compounds in the body, it participates in the operating processes of the body. Thanh Vu Nhan Nhan Nhan as well as many people often use drinking water Cave Number 1 Active lemon salt, because this is the almost full product to help compensate for immediate minerals for the body to get health in a convenient, fast way with a relatively pleasant, suitable cost For everyone.Number 1 Active lemon salt is also a companion drink with the "white shirt warriors" in the first gland, concentrated isolations, where health workers are day and night for people. Mobilizing water Number 1 Active lemon salt "Compensation for minerals, durable to the end" can be easily purchased at all stores, supermarkets nationwide and on e-commerce sites such as shopee, Lazada .Thu Giang

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