Young People Have To Go To A ‘demand’ Expert Because Of Strange Sexual Hobbies That Make Girls ‘out Of Souls’

The guy has had to 'save' consultant, help because of strange sexual hobbies when the relationship makes girlfriends unacceptable in: 00/2: 30 Southern region of sexual affection People, no one like anyone. However, there are a number of different interests of some people who make couples encounter in "that". The illustration. Newest, Health Health Consultant Zheng Yixin - Health Center Taiwan sex has shared a case where the patient has strange sexual hobbies to seek for advice.theo, 25-year-old young men, anonymously, in Taiwan confided with experts, he has experts Special preferences with feet and feel excited by feet

. However, he also likes legs with clean nails and smooth white skin. He also said that not feeling too embarrassed about this hobby because many people share their preferences like him. However, being passionate to the legs, kissing his girlfriend's foot for too long while the relationship makes her not interested and feels uncomfortable, sometimes sometimes seen a bizarre
They don't like it Requires a lot, but the kissing is not satisfied as expected, his "little boy" will be very hard and often vulnerable to be "soft" as soon as it starts. After many times, his girlfriend was depressed and considered him as a sick. This strange preference, he hoped the expert could advise whether his hobby with his feet had to be a disease and do so Anyway to be able to have a normal sex. Zheng Yixin said, many people have conceived anything that is not normal to be sick, abnormal behavior. Many people have some special preferences because they are afraid to hide and do not dare to express. Feeling sexual desire for feet, soles or toes, men will easily erection when touching or touching the feet. Some cases also like to use the leg of "that person" to stimulate and feel It is more satisfying than the infiltrating relationship. The family said that the use of stimulation in sex is not bad, the problem must do so that every pair is important. It is important to express levels and preferences in each different person. Vacuum does not have to hobby of the majority of people so this is difficult to accept long term
If the partner does not like or unfamiliar, it must be exchanged in a sincere and respectful way. Just need both loving and respect for each other, there are ways to resolve so that matches the sides. Just hobby of vacuum addiction causing harm to others, everything still happens safely and respects the opponent, everything is nothing serious. However, it is necessary to keep in mind balance the fetish fetish and fetish Avoid excessive obsession with the foot causing others to fear.

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