Young People In Ho Chi Minh City Practice Online When Gym Closed Room

Instead of sitting home, waiting for the Gym to open the door, many young people have purchased training tools. Many people still take advantage of MXH platforms to train their fitness at home. June 13, My Duyen (born in 1995, currently living in District 7) carrying carpets to the park near the house. Since the gym departments paused their operations, the park has become a familiar training place of My Duyen.Like, many other young people have to practice at home or parks

. Each person has a different way of practicing uninterrupted physical training due to the disease. Bought the training support for the training of the unit has invested in tools such as pillows, dance wires, carpets, resistance wires .
. To assist practicing. Regarding these non-professional devices such as in Gym, but still in line with the personal regime. The charming training in the park with an antagonist wire. "In the Gym room available Many devices, very convenient to test posture and enhance exercises. The items they bought home are not genuine but I have studied carefully, seeing new matches to buy. Basic starting, running around Then use a device to practice videos on YouTube ", share sharing. The conditions to bring the instrument to the park every morning. She admitted that it would not be focused as in the Gym room, but the more near the green trees saw "addicted". "Episode at a park a leaf that flew through also distracted himself
But on effective Seeing a few times the gym. Now I am also addicted to practicing alone with nature, do not know how to feel stronger. Thanks to the smell of plants. I have read more natural practice techniques and Follow, see more loves of life than ", Duyen said. Using tools in public places (born in 1991, living in District 7) familiar with training tools at the park after the Gym rooms Perfecting operations. Study to yourself and indicate public tools that bring the same effect compared to the gym equipment. "I choose public tools specialized for Street Workout ( Using body weight is primarily). I personally noticed the effect equivalent to the episode in the GYM room ", the school is shared. The city is familiar with the use Public workout tools. No can always go to the park. Dates at home, schools have implemented unrealized exercises. "There are unfavorable weather days or a large park, I will go home. You still have to make sure you don't focus on a public But my house practiced Cardio, abdominal exercise, rope jump, inhale soil. I have to buy more episodes, gloves with dance wires ", to share the same. (born in 1997, living in Binh Thanh district) still practiced at home every day. I have a boyfriend, but both only interact with each other via the computer screen. "I see practice alone Easy and tired. Previously I and my boyfriend to the Gym room together, but now everyone self-practicing at home. I used to be Pt, even looking at me online You can still guide and adjust posture I was ", Sharing Sharing. Draft practice at home with the guidance of boyfriends over the Internet. The gym room stops working a lot to the workout routine of Phuong Thao. Not only with his boyfriend to practice online, she also started jogging around the neighborhood - what she had previously practiced on the episode. "Running in the absent lines near the house was quite pleasant, airy air. Later when the gym rooms reopened, I would remain alternating with this outdoor practice ", Thao said. Before that, Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee asked for suspension of activities of gym business services Indoor sports (Gym, Fitness, Billiards, Yoga ...) In order to limit the spread of Covid-19 epidemics, it starts at 18:00 on May 7 until there is a new announcement.

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