Young Wife Eats Rice House And Carries The Belly With … The Single Neighbor

Yet at the end of the trip to expand the market with the boss returned to me, I died when I saw my wings with my belly behind the lap. Now I'm lonely in my apartment to wait for LIVING DAY ... 0: 00/3: 20 NULTURALS Illustration: Internet understands do I have a love of lightning? Only knew that hitting each other's eyes, I and Phuong saw like two children with graceful, debted from the previous life

. When I was 21 years old, I was a reception in the hotel that I was capping the company boss to leave to wait for business partners. Phuong is beautiful, gentle, gentle, polite, grace to soften the guests .
. a week stays in the hotel, I and Phuong have given each other dating. To return to the city, not every day we forgot to give, send remember, expect the phone. I have entered the age of 28, the job is stable, for good income, the house is a common apartment Residents are wide enough for their lives, so I boldly married when we had nearly 2 years of understanding, sticking. Because many people know so I can easily ask for my work to be familiar to you at a hotel not far from my couple's housing. "Selling you far away from buying neighbors" sosoever The young husband and his young husband and his 3-year-old daughter on the left side of my house and the single engineer who was old on the opposite side of our apartment became close. I am peaceful when the job is My pair follows this boss tomorrow, where the house has good neighbors for help. Mr. Engineer or a long-term work so few exchanges with us, and the young couple considers us like a family member, especially the way, I love her very much. Phuong goes to work, children go to the kindergarten, but the holidays are hit by two grandchildren and do not leave
However, Phuong is not born with a child with a young age, the beginner job, afraid of the hotel Recruiting other employees to lose income, but I don't want to have a spouse. I don't force you and my parents, my family are far away, Phuong again or sad due to homesickness, now universal husband and wife about childbirths soon, late, poor for Phuong. I also like to sip Beer , Making fresh dishes sitting in a neighborhood, so sometimes occasionally occasionally, our 3 houses are overwhelmed, don't wait for me to urge, Phuong and young wife enthusiastically go to the market to process the drink, and the standard men Beer with beer and wine. Many times are happy to meet the sad eyes of the sad sad engineers who look happy atmosphere, looking at the daughter of the young couple I also love feelings. But really I never dared to ask how about the 40s he still lived so single! Once I went on work to listen to Phuong, the sick engineer was sick, the young husband of neighbors helped bring him engineer Go to the Institute, Phuong Run, run the rice again, take care of him. I don't think jealousy, vice versa see pride, warmly because I get a beautiful young wife, beautiful, rich in kindness ... 5 months ago I was joined with the boss to go abroad, know the trip Lasting up to 4 months, I had a word thanks to the young couple and the neighbor engineer to focus on my way. Wife, husband broke up in the guitar, the promise to me will stay healthy, will be happy to let me reassure to complete my mission ... but when I finish the trip to expand the market with the boss back I died When I saw my wings with my belly after the lap. Now I'm lonely in my apartment to wait for Li Marriage Day, and Phuong returns to my hometown with my father, my mother after confessing the elegant of her carrying a neighbor's unique engineer. It was strange since I arrived at home after the business trip, I didn't see the shadow of Engineer Engineer. The apartment of his door lock im loves, I know where you are to ask to show it here? An Tri

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