Your Birthday, Walking On The Wallet To Buy Me A Bag, And His Later Act Made Me Cry Sobs

People said I got the wrong husband. But I don't feel like that. I'm a mason. Because of the specific nature of the work, the British people always cling to dust and cement. There are days when he went home to work, from hair to the legs white erased because of the wall painting powder

. In return, his wages are also quite high. If hardworking, do not take a lot of rest, don't spend a lot, every day of 500 thousand. But I knew, with this job, my husband couldn't do it for long because it was too heavy, affecting health
We still stayed at the inn. I am a preschool teacher, salary only over 6 million. When I publicly loved him, everyone told me to wild. I studied properly, the job was stable, and I wanted to love a person who didn't deserve. But I still despite my wife and 2 years, I have never regretted my decision. My husband did not work properly but the way of behaving makes everyone loves. He enthusiastically, attentive, easy to hear. I have never listened to him, even if only one sentence and whether the working environment has a lot of different types of people. Day of birth, holidays, he gave gifts and gave flowers to his wife. Sometimes he hugged me into his lap, whispering apologized because he couldn't give me a great life like others
I gave birth to a child, he takes care of it better than his mother. To my parents also changed the way to look with the son-in-law. Rich in a husband's interest to care, love his wife. (Artwork) The previous day was my birthday, my husband also gave me an unexpected surprise. He cleaned money in his wallet to buy a bag of more than 1 million and then cooked the meal to be delicious. The rice was finished, he took me something. It was a savings book with the amount of VND 300 million. I was stunned. He said this was the amount of money he saved before getting married and kept saving more every month. A few years ago was this number, now he wants to give me all to buy a house. He also "watched" a house in the lane very seriously, the price was affordable, just borrowing a little more enough. Looked for the savings book I burst into tears. Now we were able to fulfill their dreams to master a house. Everyone said I got the mistake. But for me, my wife is happy to be happy. The rich husband with a husband is interested, loving his wife. Don't people? According to My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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