Youtube Channel Of Rapper Phuc Du Is Hacked Livestream Freight

Youtube channel of Male Rapper Phuc Du with more than 190,000 registrations to be renamed and directed the content of the amount of money.23 hours on July 12, the YouTube channel of Nam Rapper Phuc Du was renamed to Gemini [Exchange] and played directly Content related to cash. Specifically, Video Livestream has a message to call viewers to send a deposit to the e-wallet address to have the opportunity to get twice. The rapper rapper rapper is hacked to livestream more than 40 minutes, videos This is still being played directly on the YouTube channel of Phucu with more than 5,100 followers. The Livestream section is turned off the comment feature

. In addition to being renamed and broadcast the content of the cash content, the entire video on Phuc Du's YouTube channel is no longer available. When clicking on the old video path of the channel, the user will receive a "video not available" message. On Facebook Personalized, Male Rapper announced his YouTube channel was hacked from 5 hours ago
Phuc Du's Youtube was made in August 2019 currently has 193,000 subscribers and about 46 million views, under management of Metub.Tries Zing, Metub representation confirms the incident and indicates in collaboration with YouTube to investigate the incident. Currently, the video promotional video on Phuc Du's YouTube channel has disappeared. However, this channel has yet to be restored. Phuc Du, many YouTube channels of Vietnamese artists also met the same incident. On November 20, 2020, singer Ho Quang Hieu announced that his YouTube channel distributed Livestream to give electronic money in English. In addition to South singer, Lynklee's YouTube channel, Ly Hai and many other artists are also hacked. YouTube channels are hacked earlier, Phuc Du's channel is also managed by Metub Network. This network is responsible for supporting channels with YouTube, censor of content, helping the owner of channel issues related to copyright, making money and increasing views. Unknown Who has the person getting Stream Key words The channels, and the amount appropriated from these videos is

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