Ysvn Has A New General Manager, Oriented To The Top 10 Stocks In Vietnam

Closing the '5 five years' with many successes, stocks Yuanta Vietnam appoints new general manager and aims at the top 10 Vietnam's leading securities companies in Vietnam. 9: 00/4: 38 South West The development of the stock market in Vietnam has recently promoted its powerful transfers. Accordingly, stock Yuanta Vietnam (YSVN) marks with domestic investors thanks to efforts to innovate the organizational structure and technology structure and bring good service experience to customers. Treatment in "first 5 years" officially greeted the Vietnamese stock market under the name of the Yuanta Vietnam stock (YSVN) since 2017, so far YSVN is one of the most prominent companies in the field of securities. In order to meet the increasing demand of investors, the company soon increased its charter capital to VND 1,500 billion to increase financial capacity, improve technology and expand new products and services

. Male strives to create multiple values for investors and commit to long-term companionship in the Vietnamese market. The first 5-year road of the company achieved outstanding results and achievements. In particular, the multi-platform digital ecosystem has been able to meet most of the needs of investors' needs to learn and participate in the market
These are also useful tools to consult investors when making decisions such as assessment and selection of YSRADAR shares, Ysuri's digital brokerage (brokerage 24/7), channel to update news and stool Integration of stock prices by YSLIVE day and the program to support the securities knowledge for Ysedu investors. In addition, customers can open an online securities account for 5 minutes through EKYC technology (electronic identification ) Pioneered by YSVN with a few simple operations on smart electronic devices with Internet connections. The Yuanta Finance Group in general and YSVN in particular also focused on the transparency for the property of customers In business activities. The company focuses on research and application of technology solutions to provide experiences on the optimal financial services for investors. Joining the top 10 Vietnam's leading secured securities potential Development of the stock market and committed to accompanying and developing in Vietnam long-term, Mr. Hwang Wei Cherng, General Director of Yuanta Securities Company Taiwan said: "Vietnam is expected to soon upgrade The marginal market on emerging markets in the coming time. This is both a chance to be a challenge for securities companies as well as investors in Vietnam. Yuanta Group will continue to invest in finance, human resources and technology ..
to increase the value to customers and contribute to the general development of Vietnam's stock market ". Marketplace Vietnam is a market There is a desired potential, the parent company in abroad continues to trust Vietnamese people as a senior manager at YSVN. Recently, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung became the General Director, officially managing the Yuanta Vietnam stock. Previously, Mr. Le Minh Tam was the one who undertook this position. Thong Nguyen Thanh Tung was appointed as General Director of YSVN.In TAN PEI SAN, General Director of the Asia Securities Finance Service Company Limited Yuanta delegation, also a direct manager YSVN said: "Vietnam is located in important growth markets in Southeast Asia of Yuanta Group. We believe that the empowerment of Vietnamese leaders and managers will help YSVN get the strength of culture and understanding domestic investors, while creating a long-term binding between Yuanta and Vietnam market. "Nguyen Thanh Tung has nearly 15 years of practical practical experience with customers in the fields of finance - securities as well as business through many senior management positions. He made a certain contribution when the Yuanta Group re-positioned the brand in Vietnam and advised the criteria "took customers the center" to build the business activities of YSVN. Appointing Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung to its position New mind also coincides with the time the YSVN gives strategic orientation for the next 5 years. In the near future, this company expects to become one of the top 10 securities companies in the Vietnamese market. "Improving the number of digital conversion and technology improvement hopes to bring better experience for customers in the process of understanding and studying investment. Thereby, YSVN expects dual achievements to reach the top 10 leading securities companies in Vietnam, and optimize benefits for customers, "said Nguyen Thanh Tung, General Director of YSVN emphasized. Combining the strength of financial, technology, talent and deep expertise, Yuanta Group is Taiwan's leading securities company and has a wide range of brokers and banks throughout the Asian region as Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong (China), Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam. Excessive and promoting international operating experiences from Mother Group, YSVN continued to transform its strong and affirm its reputation I am in Vietnam stock market, steadfast with suspicious missions

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