‘yumi’s Cells’ Episode 3-4: 6 Ways To Buy The Countryside Ahn Bo Hyun Canopy The Kim Go Eun City Girl

In the most recent episode 'The cells of Yumi', viewers are Monkey near the Goo Woong (Bo Hyun Ahn) flirting Yumi (Kim Go Eun). But fortunately, there were 6 attacks Goo Woong below to conquer Yumi.00: 00/03: 17Khoanh engraving "brazen just a little bit" of Yumi's CellsYumi's Cells - Cells of Yumi film revolves around her office worker girl Yumi (Kim Go Eun), she owns the cute cells in the brain. We always two-way communication with embarrassment she caused her to express feelings, rather Yumi sometimes struggle with this troublesome cells. Also she is Goo partner Woong (Bo Hyun Ahn) founder games, frank outspoken personality

. He is very difficult to access Yumi by "huge bulbs" are cells of Yumi, Yumi we are convinced that Goo Woong very rustic. But fortunately, Goo Woong has "tips" to conquer Yumi and conquer "cells town" her cute boyfriend countryside ay.Hinh girl statue of Yumi's CellsDay city's emotional drama, comedy, romance is a combination of real-life characters and 3D animated characters
These cells are designed by Yumi colorful, vivid and "muddy" like all of them. You will see a very different film circuit, attracted under the bold idea that only in Yumi's Cells.Di see Bo Hyun Ahn eye wear like this the girls want to pursue the same Saostar gathered here luonDuoi 6 recipes for country boys dump Goo Woong canopy Yumi nhé city girl! 1. Tell jokes about silly ngheNoi corn is the capacity of Goo WoongKhi Woong first appearance during his blind date, he was immediately attracted by Yumi - like love at first sight type. He was fascinated that her mind went blank, and the only thing he can gather strength after brain is corn nghe.Den jokes in the first level of cells found home Dum anhVe part Yumi, Yumi, this makes little awkward, but it's valuable to see Woong tried a lot to make an impression with Yumi. Woong initially seemed to reveal a great vibe for the enemy, so it was like to see him become stupid after seeing Yumi.Yumi lagging emotions on first meet Woong goCo're probably Goo the "conspiracy theory" play dumb to attract attention of Yumi reasonable? 2. Yumi brought to a board rather ngonAn restaurant, Goo Woong invited Yumi Yumi go eat comWoong and is drinking, and he does not want the end of blind dating quickly. He could hear the hungry stomach of Yumi, and pretended not to hear, I suggest eating dinner toi
Vao, Goo Woong see cute when Yumi eat a lot and even more for her call. This is also one of the first moments that Yumi seemed more pleased with Goo Woong open a bit, and we can fully understand why! Goo Woong absolutely mesmerized during dinner because he could not take his eyes off her, and obviously Goo Woong was attracted by Yumi. After dinner, Woong still not want to end up dating, and he offered to go to the next festival appointments ech.Vot neckties by ech3 festival. Texting Yumi soon as he arrived nhaNgay when home texted her without seeing in amSau when attending festive frog, Yumi feel somewhat deprived emotionally, so she decided quickly departure and on the bus before Woong could say goodbye. Worried and wanted to see if she can return home safely or not, Woong send her a message immediately after they split like roof tiles nhau.Nguoi man this deficiency dry hangWoong eagerly awaited messaging and Yumi reply. When Yumi did not answer, he felt a little uncomfortable, confused. He was going to consult the people about the reaction of Yumi, if texted a girl and she does not answer, then what is the signal? Obviously Goo Woong was "in love like that," the girl Yumi roi.Hinh like Goo Woong severely trong4 have missed the point. Shaving and trimmed hair taiLen network to find the sweetheart they say hated men dense rapSau when Yumi did not respond to messages of Goo Woong, and realize all my friends are away or sleeping, he he went online to ask for some advice. He found that an account on the forum have referred to problems that she hates men "bushy" hair and fur something else. Goo Woong go look in the mirror and decided to shock would shave rau.The he decided shaved his beard precious shaving diViec of Woong is a big problem for Woong. Because this precious beard, Goo Woong had to persevere for a long culture. But when I think of him without hesitation Yumi and Phang shaved his mustache off. Can say Goo Woong can do anything to change myself to capture the hearts of Yumi.5. Appear 'random deliberate' in the workplace by YumiQuyet to become refuges for YumiYumi armor filled tension, and after being constantly bothered colleagues, she decided to go home. Ruby (Lee Yoo Bi) chasing her, harassed her on behalf Woong call her so he could come and take care of her. Yumi is getting wet in the rain

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