Zidane Refused To Lead The Club, Only Dharma

Zinedine Zidane strategist will not accept the lead to take any football club except the French national team.0: 00/1: 21 namzidane resort denying all invitations to lead the club since Real Madrid On 27 / 5. Nearly 1.5 months after declaring the 'abdicitation' at the Spanish Royal team, so far coach Zidane is still .

.. unemployed, the French military has declined a lot The offer of 'money' from the top clubs in England, Gulf or Asia. "Football is no longer a mercury with Zidane that it has belongs to the heart", a close source of private sources of Zidane told L'Equipe
Bình, the priority of a 49-year-old mocker now spent time with the family after a busy long-time period at the Bernabeu team. "The second term led Real Madrid in Background Covid-19 made Zidane almost only live for the team ", the source continues:" Zidane wakes up at 6pm daily to 7:30 at Valderbebas and here to 19pm. Zidane's living habits are still like recovering the player. "Looking about the future, the Zidane goal will lead the French team without accepting any clubs." Zidane didn't pressure by work but still Tracking the next movements of the French recruitment ", the source added:" All relatives know Zidane wishes the next challenge in the national recruitment, and the club is not "the French football team Currently considering the future of coach Didier Deschamps after failing at Euro 2020 and if there is a change that can Zinedine Zidane was appointed to lead the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

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