Zircon Rocket Almost Unable To Intercept Will Complete The Test At The End Of The Year

The Zircon supermodel missile tests are expected to be completed later this year, Russia's Defense Deputy Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said on 10 / 8.02: 00/1: 35Thu NamThen this plan is also in accordance with previous announcements It's the Russian Ministry of Defense when Mr. Alexei Krivoruchko confirmed in January that the Zircon missile tests will be completed this year and launched from the submarine, Zircon missile was confirmed by President Vladimir Putin. It can fly at Mach 9, ie about 11,113 km / h. This missile can destroy the targets on land and at sea at a distance of up to 1,000 km

. Huge Zircon super missile test. Anhr: Russian Defense Ministry, the completed trials and this missiles pass all the experiments, Russia plans to equip this missile for the ships on the water and submarine. Instant this month, Vladimir Zarudnitsky , head of General Staff Military Academy Academy of Russian armed forces revealed, Russia is developing KH-95, a long-range super rocket can launch from the above
"Currently, the above advantage is Important conditions for the ground and maritime forces to conduct successful campaigns, "Zarudnitsky said. After a test in July, Russia has successfully tested super missiles Zircon, spokesman John Kirby's Pentagon said Russian new super rocket "is at risk of causing instability and creating significant risks of" .nga is not alone in the race to develop weapons technology Super bar. China is developing its own versions and the US has also entered this race. Super flying missiles with speeds from Mach 5 to Mach 10 and can attack targets as far as 1,500, due to That, intercepting them is almost impossible on mission. / VOV.VN (translation) by: The Defense Post

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